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Client Area

TUNEMASTER DJ Client area.
Tunemaster DJ is one of the leading organizations for creating successful events. Our company exceeds our clienteles expectations and delivers on the outstanding service we promise. With over 18 years of providing the Midwest area unforgettable events and special occasions, Tunemaster DJ goes above and beyond to cater to our customers. Through our years of experience and personal attention to each and every celebration we service, together we can make your night one that will be memorable forever.
Clients Information
Clients can update their events, pick songs for the event and make payments on their event here.  If you have any trouble with these features please feel free to email us at any time, or call us.  Your event isn't only special to you, but to us to.  Making your event a special night that you will remember for the rest of your life as a great night, not a bad event.  We cater and make changes even at the event if you have some thing you wished changed, we don't mind as long as it makes your night the greatest night of your life.
Client Area
We will do events any where in the state of North Dakota, with over 30,000 songs and over 38,000 Karakoe songs.