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Get a quote today and book us and the price is locked in at today's price.  Once your booked you will be able to update your Event Planner, Music planner (This is where you can pick all the songs you wish us to play at your event) and you can pick songs you do not want us to play.. 
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Get a Quote in just a few minutes, no waiting for us to contact you back, so when you quote with us you know within a few minutes.  And the price will not change once you book, it's locked it and very easy, and you can get the contract right now and mail it in, so easy as you have enough going on with setting up your event.
Over 20 years of events
We have been doing Weddings for over 20 years and our promise to you is we will cater to your needs to make your event a night of great and fun memories that will last forever.  We feel the DJ can make or break an event, and our promise is to make it easy and fun to plan your events and choose the songs you want us to play for your event.  In over 20 years of Weddings we have not had 1 person not happy with their Wedding and we want to keep it that way...
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Once you lock in with a quote that is the total amount you pay, no extra charges down the road, it's a locked in price even if our price's incress.